Yo-Kai Express offers first look at self-driving Yatai vending robot

Feb. 3, 2022

Ramen vending innovator Yo-Kai Express took to social media to offer a sneak peak at its new self-driving hot food machine. This week Yo-Kai posted a video on TikTok and Twitter, and founder and chief executive Andy Lin confirmed the machine made its first appearance in Redmond, WA, at Microsoft’s Innovation Summit.

The Spoon scooped a story on Yatai – and some great photos. The article said the first deployment locations are not yet known yet, but the first public debut could happen at Super Bowl LVI's pre-party in Los Angeles on Saturday, Feb. 12.

Yo-Kai, headquartered in Hayward, CA, was founded in 2016 by Lin, a semiconductor engineer. In operation, the original Yo-Kai Express vender prepares meals with prepared (and flash frozen) ingredients that are delivered to and stocked in a machine.


[Credit: Yo-Kai Express]
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[Image: Yo-Kai Express]
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