Yo-Kai Express expands partnerships in Japan and with celebrity chefs

April 30, 2021
Food tech startup's first Tokyo office opens this summer via Scrum Ventures' Food Tech Studio - Bites! program

Food tech startup Yo-Kai Express said it is building new partnerships and platforms with major food corporations and collaborating with celebrity chefs.

According to YKE, Scrum Ventures' Food Tech Studio–Bites!, which connects global startups with Japan's leading food manufacturers, has recognized YKE as a “standout” among FTS-B! participants.

This designation resulted in a series of business matching meetings with such program partners as JR East, Japan's largest railway company, and led to YKE Japan's new Tokyo headquarters plan. The new office will be used to debut new vegan products. 

Separately, Yo-Kai said its vending machines are now incorporating cobranded items with celebrated Michelin-recommended ramen restaurants such as Bigiyi, Ivan Ramen, Ramen Nakamura, Menya Jiro and MokBar.

The company, headquartered in Hayward, Calif., was founded in 2016 by Andy Lin, a semiconductor engineer.

YKE’s technology handles the last-mile cooking of both hot or cold, savory or sweet dishes and bowls. It boasts a growing list of over 20 menu items, including Taiwanese beef noodle soup, Vietnamese pho, gyu donburi, chicken teriyaki and even desserts such as vegan brownie, tiramisu and a matcha mousse bombe.

New this summer: milk tea shave ice topped with boba and Himalyan salt whipped cream.


[Image: Yo-Kai Express]
Yo Kai Express Rendering
Yo Kai Express Rendering
Yo Kai Express Rendering
Yo Kai Express Rendering
Yo Kai Express Rendering
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