Flavored, sparkling water countertop equipment

Flavored and sparkling water machines that sit on the countertop used in office coffee service.
FRIIA is a hot/cold/sparkling undercounter water delivery system with 0.8 gal. immediate draw off hot-water. System consists of an undercounter boiler and chiller, and a sleek countertop font, and includes CO2 regulator and drip tray. The chiller incorporates aluminum block technology to cool incoming water by an average of 18°F and the boiler contains a vacuum insulated tank to ensure temperature accuracy and energy efficiency.
Water equipment, coolers, filters, accessories, etc.

Virtual training becomes norm for Marco’s FRIIA breakroom water systems

June 30, 2021
A training process prompted by necessity through the pandemic has turned out to be very successful for Marco Beverage Systems, which announced today that it will continue to use...
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Coffee Water Mask