Virtual training becomes norm for Marco’s FRIIA breakroom water systems

June 30, 2021

A training process prompted by necessity through the pandemic has turned out to be very successful for Marco Beverage Systems, which announced today that it will continue to use video and virtual training for its FRIIA countertop water dispensers.

“The traditional model of training for our FRIIA units has changed for the better,” said Matt Dudley, MBS’s North American sales director. “We would typically fly in a technician to train an operator on installing and maintaining a FRIIA, which on the surface, seems like an ideal process, but it also created challenges, especially during the pandemic.”

FRIIA is stylish point-of-use water unit that dispenses hot, cold and sparkling water. The unit mounts under the counter, except for the sleek dispensing font. It was released last year at the height of the pandemic and is now gaining traction with operators, including Canteen.


Onsite training requires logistical planning, availability and increased cost, Dudley observed.

“Now, we ship out the FRIIA unit and our video and virtual training allows operators to learn more conveniently, with a FRIIA unit right in front of them,” he said. “It also allows operators to train more people because they can receive training whenever they are available, instead of forcing a technician to be available at a certain time.”

Dudley said that module-based video training is first, followed by live virtual training.

“We are actively building our video library to strengthen the first stage of training,” he said. “I think a lot of companies have discovered what we have – that this training process, this style of training - it works.”

Scott Berman, vice president of Canteen, said a big reason that Canteen has embraced FRIIA is that the unit is easy to install, manage and maintain. He points to the video training and virtual support from FRIIA as a plus.

“In many ways, our support and training has stepped up through the video and virtual model,” Dudley noted.

“It helps that our system is so easy to install to begin with. I wouldn’t say everyone would find it easy, but I have installed the unit many times and I am not a technician,” he added.

To learn more about the FRIIA virtual training program, contact Matt Dudley at (704) 492-6601 or [email protected].


[Credit: Marco Beverage Systems]
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