FRIIA sees a surge of interest from operators

June 9, 2021

Companies that are hungry to provide amenities for their returning employees are now discovering FRIIA from Marco Beverage Systems. While office designers have been ordering the stylish point-of-use water unit since it was released last year, operators, led by Canteen, are beginning to order high-end units for locations that appreciate FRIIA’s clean look.

“We liked FRIIA right away.”

“We liked FRIIA right away because it is easier for us to maintain,” said Scott Berman, vice president of Canteen. “The alternatives that we looked at were a little tougher to install, manage and maintain. We really liked the ease of this delivery system. It's a gooseneck and it comes in multiple varieties, but we like the hot, cold and sparkling. Very simple technology under the counters, so our technicians can install it and take care of it. FRIIA is a great product and it is priced less than others in the same category – very reasonable.”

“FRIIA is neat, it's clean, it's innovative.”

“We are always talking to customers, and they really like the idea of streamlining the counter,” said Berman. “FRIIA is neat, it's clean, it's innovative. Customers understand they can get a little stand-up cooler with hot, cold and sparkling, but once they see FRIIA, they really like it.”

“FRIIA works in a wide variety of locations.”

Berman noted that FRIIA is taking hold in offices that are beyond the high tech, high-end environments where FRIIA would typically be found. “If the client is looking for a countertop solution, I don't care if it's grey-collar, blue-collar, any collar, if the client wants it and thinks they need it for their employees, we will supply it for them,” he said. “FRIIA works in a wide variety of locations.”

“Multiple placements by Canteen on both coasts.”

Matt Dudley, North American sales director for Marco Beverage Systems, is thrilled that Canteen has embraced FRIIA. “We have seen multiple placements by Canteen on both coasts,” said Dudley. “We expect the number of installations to accelerate in the fall, especially after September 1st, which seems to be the date that office populations will significantly rebound.”

“Long term and consistent profitability.”

“Once an operator sees the FRIIA unit and understands how simple it is to install and maintain, that always generates interest,” Dudley. said “Once they understand the type of locations that become available because of FRIIA, along with the long term and consistent profitability that FRIIA delivers, that generates orders.”

Dudley said he is looking forward to showcasing FRIIA and other products from Marco Beverage Systems at the upcoming NAMA Show in August.

Matt Dudley can be reached at (704) 492-6601 and


[Photo: Macro Beverage Systems]
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