Steeped Coffee: Bob Tullio’s Product Perspective: A Closer Look At Products, Equipment And Services That Will Impact An Operator’s Business

May 27, 2020

The Product: Steeped Coffee – Sunrise Roast (Mild), California Medium Roast, Odyssey Dark Roast, Driftwood French Roast and Eventide Decaf.

From all indications, Steeped Coffee is a product whose time has come. The Santa Cruz company’s patented Steeped Brewing Method delivers a cup of coffee that can be brewed successfully by anyone who has ever dropped a teabag into a cup of hot water.

Step 1 – Submerge

Step 2 – Saturate

Step 3 – Steep

Step 4 – Taste (and shake your head in disbelief – it is that good)

Coffee without a brewer?

I must admit, I was a little skeptical. Not that I am a coffee snob, but how good could coffee be without a brewer, served like a cup of tea? I was wrong. Steeped Coffee is 100% specialty coffee, with no additives, crystals or freeze drying. The flavor is rich, bold but smooth, without the slightest hint of bitterness. Great finish.

If you appreciate coffee made in a French Press, you will love Steeped Coffee. 

An immediate OCS Solution

My initial thought when introduced to Steeped Coffee: This would be great for camping! Now, in a world where the elimination of a workplace coffee station is under consideration by many, Steeped Coffee becomes an “instant solution” to help operators maintain their presence in the break room. Steeped Coffee is also an easy addition to the “work at home amenity packages” that are being discussed with regularity these days.

Operator interest is high

As I pointed out in a May 19th “Best of OCS” column, with office environments clamoring for touch free solutions, Steeped Coffee meets the immediate requirement of a touch free coffee answer. Ron Scadina, the company’s vice president of sales, said interest in Steeped Coffee among operators has soared to an all-time high.

Focused on Operators

Steeped Coffee launched in late 2017 and started out by selling directly to end users. Nearly three years later, the company is aggressively pursuing operators to bring their product to the workplace. Scadina said that roasters around the country, like Mr. Espresso and Addictive Coffee, are now working with Steeped Coffee and the Steeped Brewing Method. “Some new and significant roaster partnerships are forthcoming,” he added.

Bob’s Perspective: Steeped Coffee make sense for operators

There are so many reasons why HR managers and office managers will absolutely love Steeped Coffee. The cost is comparable to other premium single cup offerings, but there is no brewer to rent or maintain.

Why Steeped Coffee is a good choice:

·      Touch Free - As workplaces clamor for touch free OCS solutions, Steeped Coffee offers an immediate answer that can keep an operator “in the game” until concerns and restrictions are eased. Even if the brewer must go, the operator can stay because of Steeped Coffee. 

·       Socially Distanced - Personalized space is the big issue in the new socially distanced office. When Steeped Coffee is part of the OCS program, the packets can be waiting at an employee’s desk and they can even make the coffee by using their own hot water kettle.

·       WAH Dollars - While chasing after the WAH (work at home) sector seems like a no-win proposition for operators, Steeped Coffee is the perfect solution for clients who are seeking to send a little part of the office to their WAH team members.

·       Compostable – In many cases, eco-friendly will take a back seat to employee safety in the new “safe at work” office. Steeped Coffee satisfies the need to be earth friendly – featuring ultrasonically sealed packaging that is made with renewable and compostable materials. Offices will love that feature.

·       Supporting Traditional OCS – Steeped Coffee can meet the need for decaf coffee in an office, without tying up a valuable bean-to-cup hopper. Steeped is a nice option for serving coffee late in the day, when making a full pot is wasteful. In a micro market, where coffee typically underperforms, Steeped Coffee is a much better choice for operators than an expensive bean-to-cup brewer. Steeped Coffee is a perfect solution for smaller satellite offices and conference rooms, always a challenge for operators.

Steeped Coffee now has distribution through Vistar and a broker relationship with G & J Marketing and Sales. According to Scadina, private label for operators is another option from Steeped Coffee.

If someone told me four months ago that I would be recommending coffee in an oversized tea bag as a viable OCS solution, I would not have believed it. After my third cup of Steeped Coffee this morning, I am a loyal fan of the product for the many reasons stated above and most importantly – the flavor!

For more information on Steeped Coffee, contact Ron Scadina at [email protected] or call Ron at 831 818-5783.

Industry consultant Bob Tullio ( is a content specialist who advises operators in the convenience services industry on how to build a successful business from the ground up. As he is a recognized industry expert in business development and sales, NAMA hired him to write and narrate the new online course, “Selling Convenience Services,” which is now available. Use discount code B2B10 for an instant discount and for free access to upcoming Q & A Webinars from Tullio in the coming months. Here is a free sample of the course.


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