Pop-Up Micro Markets deliver multiple operator solutions

April 28, 2021

In the last issue of the Micro Market Design newsletter, we talked about the next big challenge facing micro market operators: A downsized return to the workplace, whether the return occurs in June, July August or September. Either way – predicting equipment needs is a logistical challenge.

Dealing with downsizing

That state-of-the-art, well designed, four-rack micro market – featuring two beverage coolers, one frozen food cooler and one fresh food cooler, will be a bit much for the 50 employees who have returned to the office. The client wants high-performance refreshments for those who do return, but acknowledges that the employee count will rise slowly each month. Fixturelite has been thinking about this for months and is exploring possible solutions.

Supply-chain challenges

In this issue, we addressed another challenge that can derail the best-laid plans of a micro market operator: The broken supply chain, which may result in significant equipment delivery delays for those who do not order well in advance of their needs.

Of course, due to no fault of their own – due to a sudden business opportunity that arises – an operator can find themselves with a new micro market account, but short on the fixtures, coolers and accessories needed to service the account.

Solution: The Pop-Up Market Collection

“With our Pop-Up Market Elite, an operator can install something small today, with the capability to quickly and easily grow that market to support a much larger market several months from now,” explained Troy Geis-Hernandez, cofounder and CEO of Fixturelite, the leading supplier of micro market retail displays, seating and design features. “The Pop-Up Market is built around the Pico™ Cooler from 365 Retail Markets with the anticipation that as the workplace population grows, the market can be modified to accommodate that growth.”

“We are currently getting large orders from leading operators who are planning to make the Pop-Up Market Elite their entry level market and are also planning to use it to transition clients away from traditional vending,” Geis-Hernandez added. “The Pop-Up Market Elite features a full set of surround cabinetry that encompasses the market, along with wood shelving, merchandising solutions and lighting.”

Incredibly affordable

The Pop-Up Market by Fixturelite bundles together two best-in-class components, featuring a quick-to-assemble, freestanding Fixturelite Essentials retail display combined with Pico™ Cooler, a collaboration between Minus Forty Technologies and 365 Retail Markets. Requiring under 80 linear inches, it is the perfect solution for multiple new opportunities.

Do the math

“Our Pop-Up Market allows operators to perform with fluidity – to meet customer needs with a solution that is fast, flexible, freestanding and affordable,” said Steve Orlando, cofounder of Fixturelite. “When you do the math and realize that a Pop-Up Market costs much less than two vending machines – that opens a whole new world of revenue opportunity that goes beyond the flexibility of the system.”

Learn more about the Pop-Up Market Collection


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