Dealing with the next challenge: downsized locations

Feb. 25, 2021

At some point in 2021, the workforce will leave home and find their way back to the office. According to the facility managers we have spoken to, the numbers will be below 2019 levels, at least initially. For operators, it means yet another challenge in serving their clients.

For vending operators – That 350-employee location that required an extensive full line program, including 2 fresh food vendors is now in need of 1 glass front snack and 1 beverage vendor for their 100 employees.

For pantry service operators – That 100-employee “gold mine of a pantry service” is going away – “for safety’s sake.” The good news: The client wants a highly subsidized micro market set up for the 50 remaining employees.

Last, but not least…

For micro market operators – That state of the art, well designed, four part micro market – featuring 2 beverage coolers, 1 frozen food cooler and 1 fresh food cooler, is a bit much for the 75 employees who will return to the office.

Fixturelite has the solution – The Essentials Collection

For vending operators, pantry service operators and micro market operators, Fixturelite has a right sized solution that will boost profits and keep clients satisfied as they transition back to something that resembles their 2019 employee count.

The immediate solution:

The Essentials Collection – “Friendly and Fits Right In”

Engineered for ultra-quick assembly and perfect for small space markets, the Essentials Collection is 80 inches tall and 48 inches wide.  It is offered in black or grey and is designed to be Fixturelite’s most economical micro market collection. The Essentials Collection is perfect for smaller markets, but can easily serve locations with a 100 employee count. It’s also a great starter solution for a location that starts small and ramps up the employee count gradually.

The Essentials Collection starts at $799.00

“Like all of our collections, The Essentials is modular and completely flexible,” said Troy Geis, CEO and cofounder of Fixturelite, the leading supplier of micro market retail displays, seating and design features. “Operators can choose from numerous add-on features that are available.”

Making it work – profitably

For the vending operator – Consider removing the vending and bringing in the Essentials Collection with coolers and an app-based payment system. “This is the quickest way to triple or quadruple your sales in a 75-person location,” said Geis.

For pantry service operators – Roll out the Essentials Collection for that highly subsidized micro market. “The end users will be excited about the look, the style and the technology,” said Geis. “Clients will be impressed, and their employees may even forget about the fact that they are now paying 25 cents for a beverage!”

For the micro market operator – The Essential Collection will fit right in for the new employee count, allowing an operator to show flexibility and a thoughtful approach to serving their client. “Utilize the assets from the 150-person market elsewhere by bringing in the Essentials Collection in a downsized location,” said Geis.

While the Essentials Collection will provide a nice transition for some time, once the location grows, turn to the Performance Collection.

Designed to serve up to 300 users, the Performance Collection features single wall construction for easy installation.  As standard equipment, this collection offers all the same retail technology that sets Fixturelite apart from their competition – dark interior space, high lumen LED lighting and merchandising kits which give the market a constantly well faced look. 

Simple and Flexible

“All of our Executive markets feature quick connect technology.  No hardware – No screws to put in. No tools are required other than a level.  With the Essentials Collection and the Performance Collection, all you need is a screwdriver.  It’s that simple,” said Geis.

Important point! All Fixturelite micro markets can stand on their own and they can all be combined with other pieces from the same collection. “They can grow or shrink in size without waste,” said Geis. “The flexibility of these units for serving a variety of client needs is tremendous, which will be very important in the coming months,” he added.

As you consider downsizing solutions…

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