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Feb. 25, 2021

When I cofounded Gourmet Coffee Service in 1995, I never imagined that our name would create a misconception about our company. In 1995, high quality coffee was found in coffee houses, rarely in offices. When we introduced our “Gourmet Coffee Service” brand, some prospects assumed that “gourmet” meant expensive.

Ultimately, we got our message across. We offered “gourmet coffee” for every budget and wonderful coffee at a great price, meant value.

Steve Orlando and Troy Geis, cofounders of Fixturelite, can relate to the misconception that I had to overcome as an operator. Fixturelite has established a reputation as the industry’s leading supplier of micro market retail displays, equipment and design tools. That reputation can present a two-edge sword.

Geis: “We are 100% committed to offering a micro market solution for every budget.”

“While we have actively promoted our Essentials Collection, which is priced at less than $800, we sometimes get the message from operators that based on the five-star reviews of our products, our ongoing commitment to design and the operator comments about our high customer service level, that we must be expensive,” said Geiss.

“We never positioned ourselves as being the discount micro market supplier, as we never use wire racks or encourage the use of bottling company coolers (especially where food safety is concerned), but we are 100% committed to offering a micro market solution for every budget.”

Stellar Reviews

It is understandable how that misconception came to light. Few suppliers enjoy such positive reviews from such a cross section of the industry.

  • “Just the time and the care that Troy took to ensure that his product was going to be handled by us in the correct way and make sure that we used it to its full potential - that speaks volumes about Fixturelite.”
    Robert Hites - Dean Natural Vending
  • “Steve came in and gave a presentation that blew the competition away. His design and his plan for the location impressed everyone – most importantly, the client. The Fixturelite Design Tool was extremely effective in the presentation.”
    Mike Purkey - Arizona Fresh Vending
  • “There aren’t too many suppliers who would fly across the country and help us with one of our best customers. Steve did a remarkable job, using the design tool to create a rendering for the client.  It was a consultative approach that worked.  Fixturelite is more than a supplier. They are a design facilitator.”
    Kyle Loughran – Legend Food Service
  • “We have received a tremendous amount of support from Steve and his team; helping us unify our brand image. It helps to have the best quality design, market fixtures and refrigeration in your micro markets. That is exactly what Fixturelite provides.”
    Nathan Pullen – Arizona BEP

After reading reviews that are this glowing, there is one logical question to ask:

Could Fixturelite be this good and still offer a competitive price?

“Absolutely!” said Geis. “We have three different collections in three different price categories. We invite comparison and we are confident that the conclusion will be obvious: “Fixturelite has a solution for every operator budget and every location need,” said Geis.

Geis: Fixturelite has a solution for every operator budget and every location need”

Steve Orlando, Troy’s business partner, said that after making the comparison, operators should ask themselves a simple question: “Why would you pay the same amount or even more for a competitor's product when you can have Fixturelite quality, ease of installation, all of the retail science built in, plus access to the design tool and our unmatched service level – at a comparable price or even less?”

Boyd: Fixturelite is going to be a part of his team going forward as he prepares for aggressive micro market growth.

Kenny Boyd of Denver Beverage made the supplier comparison and he told me that Fixturelite is going to be a part of his team going forward as he prepares for aggressive micro market growth. “We have no desire to work with anybody else. We looked at three or four different companies and to me, you can't make a wire rack look good enough to fit in a new design,” said Boyd. “It’s easy to downgrade, but once you get started with the wrong product, you have no options and upgrading is difficult.”

A compelling review from Steve Closser

Perhaps the most compelling review comes from industry expert Steve Closser, a leading micro market consultant. Closser points to the value that exists with the Fixturelite Collections.

“Fixturelite has taken the best quality retail merchandising features from their highest end product, but they found a way to maintain quality and keep it affordable. Not only is their product the best on the market, but nobody provides the kind of design support that Fixturelite gives to their operators.”

Do your own Fixturelite Value Comparison:

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