On March 1st – Fixturelite launches ‘Breakroom Resources’

Feb. 25, 2021

Steve Orlando and Troy Geis, Fixturelite’s cofounders, have been focused on creating opportunity for micro market operators for a long time. While every edition of the Micro Market Design Newsletter has a featured section called “Operator’s Wanted,” Fixturelite’s new “Breakroom Resources” program takes the concept of pairing operators with locations to a new level.

Fixturelite is often contacted

Because of their focus on design and their dedication to creating unmatched breakroom experiences,  Fixturelite is often contacted by commercial designers, commercial builders and project managers who want to work directly with Fixturelite to create a perfect breakroom – a place where employees can collaborate and refresh – a space that reflects their corporate culture.

Matching operators with locations

“When we get such a call, we ask the client if they already have an operator relationship that they are happy with,” said Orlando. “If they do, we work directly with the current operator. If they don’t, we help them find an operator who can deliver the caliber of products and service that they are looking for. It has been working out very well for all parties involved.”

Taking the opportunity to the next level

“With our new Breakroom Resources program, Fixturelite will be marketing our design oriented micro market concept directly to locations and working with existing operators whenever possible, provided that the existing operator is on board with the high quality, unattended retail programs that we will be putting in place,” said Geis. “What distinguishes us from a traditional management company is that we will be in a position to not just get the program sold and operating. We will be focused on creating an exceptional unattended retail environment that the client will be thrilled with, as we protect the interests of the operator, because we consider operator profitability and contract security to be a high priority.”

Two potential scenarios

Another uniqueness of the Breakroom Resources program is that the opportunity for operators is achieved through two possible scenarios, one of which is well beyond the typical client – operator relationship.

Scenario #1 – A traditional operator relationship – Fixturelite connects the operator and the location. The operator pays for the micro market under the design direction of Fixturelite. The operator might also participate in the cost of room design, which is also a possibility, if it is structured into the deal as additional consideration for an extremely good location.

Scenario #2 – Operator has no investment – In the scenario, the operator simply walks in the door and services the location. Of course, the level of service will need to be exceptional.

Discouraged – Location commissions

“Any talk of commissions to the location will be vigorously discouraged,” said Geis. “The type of locations that are coming to us to build them the perfect breakroom are not motivated by making money off their employees. In fact, they are more likely to demand a subsidized, reduced price program – especially if they have switched from foodservice or a pantry service program.”

Residential Retail – another opportunity for operators

Residential Retail, a separate, but similar opportunity, is also being launched by Fixturelite in March.

“This opportunity for operators focuses on large multi-family housing complexes, that typically will be building out the micro market on their own, then utilizing an operator for service,” said Orlando. “Again, for the operator, it could mean revenue without investment.”

“We see this as the next big frontier for unattended retail and potentially, a tremendous opportunity for operators,” said Orlando.

Interested in becoming a Breakroom Resources operator?

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