When selling micro markets, is it safe to say that MARKET DESIGN has become an important part of the conversation?


Steve Closser - Co-Founder/Chief Integrator at Translucent LLC

“Absolutely - Changing the whole break room is as important as the market itself.”

Juan Gonzalez - Founder/CEO at QixiBox.com - Technology distributor and Micro Market Operator

“We have to dig deeper into consumer behavior, and really create spaces where employees can have similar experiences to those when they go into a great cafe for a gourmet sandwich. Your goal should be to wow them, so they keep coming back for the experience, not for the necessity or the convenience.”

John Barnes - Chief Operating Officer of Company Kitchen

“I think market design is important along with product merchandising, variety, promotions and other factors. All of the important aspects depend on a good design to execute.”

Kevin Stroud - Director of Business Development at Canteen Coastal of California, Inc.

“In some cases, but others are willing to go along with standard market layout.”

Bridget Schlick - AVP Marketing - Aramark Refreshment Services

“We don’t use bottler supplied coolers in our markets. We follow established brand guidelines to achieve a consistent and professional look with each micro market we refresh or install for our customers.”

Paul Tullio - District General Manager - Gourmet Coffee Service

“Design is now a more relevant and important part of the conversation in micro market sales due to the number of options out there today.  When there were only a few options out there and not much competition, it was more about selling the concept than selling design.

"Now that micro markets are more prevalent in the marketplace, more clients know about micro markets. They have usually seen some different options out there that they are looking to either mirror or improve upon when they meet with you.  Yes, design is now a critical component in the overall sale of a micro market account.”

Kevin Gundermann – Experienced Micro Market Account Executive

“With all the micro markets we set up I would say 80% wanted to be involved in market design. Companies are going more “theme” based in their break rooms that can accommodate a market and many are remodeling break rooms at the same time to make their office and market coincide.”

Matthew Marsh – Owner and President of First Class Vending

“My issue with design pertains to the cost.  Design has certainly become part of the discussion.  If we are dealing with a high-volume account, focusing on design is a no brainer.  Spending a lot of money on design for a borderline account does not make sense.”

“Proper design with proper merchandising, including strategic product layout will contribute to increased revenue.  If a micro market is going to get extremely expensive on the design side, then it absolutely makes sense to ask the client to contribute to the cost.”