Juice-BX Expands Patent Portfolio For Vending Devices With Ads

March 5, 2018

Juice-BX, a provider of charging stations for cell phones and other smart devices, has announced the addition of US Patent No. 9,905,072 to its portfolio of intellectual property (IP). The patent, granted last month, covers vending devices that have ad-watching as a consideration. The patent aligns with the company’s core business of providing vending and charging stations with advertising content. 

“This patent strengthens Juice-BX’s growing portfolio of intellectual property,” stated Robert Brevelle, CEO of Juice-BX. “This latest issuance augments related patents and expands our IP protections even further. Our strategy remains to advance the most innovative technologies in charging stations, and to provide our customers with safe, secure and convenient charging of their phones and smart devices.” 

Juice-BX was formed in 2017 by ISF Incubator, the startup arm of Intellectual Ventures. 

Earlier this month, the company announced the expansion of its leadership and product development teams with the addition of Steven Gehfeld, Joe Jaramillo, and Mauro Cisneros. The new team members are based at the company’s Dallas office. Other team members, including the Board, are located at ISF Incubator facilities in Seattle and Silicon Valley. 

“Charging stations and kiosks are essentially vending devices, and this latest patent covers advertising and ad content for those systems,” stated Cisneros. “Our product lines represent the next generation of charging stations offering interactive solutions that integrate local and national advertisements along with the ability to quickly and safely charge your phone, other smart devices and wearable IoT gear. Given the focus on advertising content, we are launching a charging station with an integrated 42 inch HD touch screen display.” 

The Juice-BX charging stations are composed of individual charging lockers to keep each device secure, an app or a credit/debit card scanner for on-site payments, and customizable advertisements. The company will offer larger stationary charging stations as well as wall-mounted and mobile versions. The company is coordinating strategic partnerships with businesses that can benefit from this technology, including universities, malls, restaurants, convention centers, sports arenas and hotels. 

“This month we will be at the Amusement Expo International in Las Vegas and next month at Dallas Startup Week,” stated Brevelle. “We look forward to meeting with strategic partners and investors as we prepare for our upcoming seed round.” 

About Juice-BX  

Juice-BX is developing innovative charging stations for phones, IoT and other smart devices. Our state-of-the-art charging kiosks, community app, and software solutions will drive foot traffic, sales, and customer affinity while also serving as an advertising platform. Power Up. Stay Connected. Learn more at Juice-BX.com.