Sirness Vending's Chris Wiest Celebrates 20 Years In The Industry

Nov. 4, 2013

Sirness Vending Services announced that employee Chris Wiest will celebrate his 20-year anniversary as a route driver for Sirness Vending in Rochester, N.Y. on Nov. 4, 2013.

“Chris is very dedicated and reliable. He is committed to the overall well-being of Sirness, his coworkers and his customers. He is always walking around with a smile on his face and it’s contagious. Chris has a way of putting everyone around him in a good mood,” said Larry Bach, Sirness Vending Services route manager, in a prepared statement. “His customers absolutely love him. It’s like he is a celebrity with his red hair every time he walks into one of his accounts and they can’t wait to see him and hear his latest joke,” Bach continued.

Tom Nesser, president of Sirness Vending, had asked Wiest to give him at least two years of service when he was hired. Now, twenty years later, Wiest joins a handful of other employees who have over twenty years of service at Sirness Vending.

Wiest noted that when he started in the industry, all soda was in cans, Sirness was small and the mullet hairstyle was still popular. He says now there is a larger focus on wellness, a multitude of product offerings and an industry transitioning into micro markets, cashless and telemetry. Wiest believes that Sirness is a major player in the vending industry. 

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