Car Keys Express unveils new automation technologies at National Hardware Show

Nov. 24, 2021

Car Keys Express, a Louisville KY-based discount automotive key replacement for businesses and consumers, unveiled four innovations at the 2021 National Hardware Show in Las Vegas last month.

Simple Key kits include a universal key and the company's do-it-yourself EZ Installer to pair new keys. The solution allows retailers to replace 600 OEM keys with only two dozen Simple Key products, CKE said.

Universal EZ Installer allows customers to easily pair keys on their own using an app on their phone. CKE said the do-it-yourself installer is compatible with thousands of vehicle makes and models and allows retailers to offer automotive keys without the need for expensive dealership service department programming equipment.

Retail Optical Key Scanner is a device that allows retailers to scan their customers' key. A new copy of the key is shipped to the store for pickup or directly to the customer.

Keys NOW! Automated Key Machines are the world's first and only fully automated house and car key duplication machines. Users simply open the door, insert the key, and a precisely duplicated key is produced instantly. 


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