Car Keys Express introduces first key vending machine for automobiles

Feb. 16, 2021

Automated key vending machines are becoming more popular as convenience service. In addition to Car Keys Express, other players include Key Me and Minute Key. CKE is the first robotic technology to make car keys.

Car Keys Express, a leading automotive key replacement company, is now offering a fully automated vending machine that uses state-of-the-art imaging and cutting technology to instantly duplicate and dispense automotive and residential keys.

Called “Keys NOW!,” the vending machine is described as an all-in-one user interface and key scanner, cutter and inventory storage solution that simplifies key replacement for retailers and offers consumers an alternative to the time, expense and hassle of a car dealership service appointment.

CKE said retailers can cover up to 170 million vehicles with no investment in inventory, tools or staff training. Keys NOW! accepts cashless payments, including ApplePay.

“Automated key machines have been hugely successful. We see them everywhere. But they don't make car keys. Ours does," said CKE sales and marketing vice president Mike Bliss. "Consumers have few options for replacing keys besides the dealership. With keys easily costing $300 or $400, they're eager for more convenient, lower-cost alternatives. Retailers love it too. Automotive keys have a much higher average selling price compared to residential keys, so we offer dramatically higher revenues."

Keys NOW! was made possible thanks to breakthroughs in universal key technology, imaging and robotics. CKE claims consumers can use its machine to instantly replace car keys – including smart keys and high-security laser-cut keys – saving up to 75% off dealership prices. If required, keys can be dispensed with an CKE’s EZ Installer that allows the consumer to pair the new key to their vehicle with the press of a button.


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