Seaga introduces ScrubTrax healthcare apparel management system

Aug. 16, 2021

The ScrubTrax smart locker is the flagship product in Seaga's new line of healthcare solutions. The new intelligent inventory control system is equipped with features designed to give users access to their personalized scrubs, according to Freeport, IL-based Seaga, a vending machine manufacturer.

Employing cloud-based technology to control access to apparel via RFID technology, ScrubTrax ensures access only to authorized users. This solution gives healthcare facilities, apparel providers and uniform service companies more profits per dollar invested, explained Seaga.

The system tracks inventory in real-time, putting health care facilities in complete control. When linens are returned, ScrubTrax instantly recognizes the product return and reports back in real time.

"The scalable, modular, and flexible design make it a perfect fit in hospital locker rooms where institutional lockers need to be replaced," said sales vice president Michael Fiorito.

"Our strategic approach to the engineering and manufacturing of the ScrubTrax line came from market intelligence as well as customer led surveys," Fiorito added. "ScrubTrax will deliver hospitals and healthcare apparel service companies a competitive edge while providing greater access to more accounts."

Visit for more information on Seaga's intelligent healthcare vending solutions.


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