Seaga Introduces The Infinity INF5S Vending Machine

Sept. 7, 2018

Seaga introduces the INF5S fortifying the popularity of Seaga's Infinity line. It's an automated vending workhorse equipped with intelligent features designed to give operators more profits per dollar invested.  Capable of accommodating a wide range of product categories, the INF5S will generate superior returns across multiple types of accounts.

As a world leader in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of intuitive vending technologies, Seaga continues to enlist a customer-centric approach to the innovation of its products. This kind of thinking is why the Infinity line has become a favorite in the vending industry.

Integrated with our new digital media display, operators are now presented with an effective way of talking to consumers at the point of sale, maximizing upsell potential and increasing transactions. Some unique advantages of having a media display are that you can introduce and promote your brand along with new and upcoming products as well as information pertaining to your business as the display engages consumers. The INF5S is a resilient, reliable machine offering an enhanced product variety with superior space efficiency increasing the number of diverse locations the machine can be positioned. As the most cost-effective solution on the market providing a wealth of opportunities when it comes to product variations and technical capabilities, savvy operators can count on an increased ROI.

"Designed to penetrate markets with a limited amount of space, the Infinity INF5S is a vending hypermarket. Our strategic approach to the engineering of the Infinity line was geared towards giving operators a revenue edge allowing Operators to garner more accounts," states Steve Chesney, President of Seaga Manufacturing.

With its energy efficient operation and a seamless payment system that integrates with popular mobile payment applications Apple, Google, and Samsung pay, the INF5S provides an excess of opportunities for operators to increase profits by making it convenient for consumers to pay for the products they want, how they want. Ideal for any pre-packaged automatic convenience industry, the INF5S vendor is an effective vending solution for your business.  

Innovative product, excellent customer, and corporate integrity are key elements of Seaga's strategic mission to continue delivering first-in-class solutions like the INF5S.

For more information on the Infinity INF5S or any of our Intelligent Vending Solutions please contact Seaga at or call 815.297.9500.


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