Survey: 43% of consumers are loyal to at least one food and beverage company

Oct. 27, 2021
That level far exceeds customer loyalty seen in other industries. Visual Objects' study suggests suppliers and operators can capitalize on this success by leaning into branding elements that evoke strong emotions and senses

Almost half of consumers in the U.S., about 43%, are loyal to at least one food and beverage brand, according to a new survey report from Visual Objects, which provides visual guides to finding and hiring the best creative firm.

Visual Objects surveyed 501 U.S. consumers about brand loyalty and branding's impact on their purchasing decisions.

Consumers surveyed expressed more loyalty to food and beverage companies than businesses functioning in any other industry. Food and beverage companies are known for branding strategies that reflect audience interests while accurately representing products.

Robert Johnson, founder of woodworking company Sawinery, finds that food and beverage products create sensory branding experiences to gain loyalty and interest.

"Food and beverage companies leverage the emotional connection it gets from its loyal customers," Johnson said. "Because food and drinks appeal to several senses at once such as taste, smell, sight, and touch, they are associated more with personal experiences than other commodities."

Companies operating in other fields may benefit from replicating an appeal to the senses in branding materials.

Customers want brands to commit to quality

Consumers are looking for quality when choosing between similar products. Nearly half of consumers (44%) say that brands will keep their business if they maintain quality.

A commitment to quality service is one of the main things companies should offer, Visual Objects found, which should inspire brands to partner with each other to attain creative solutions to customer problems.

Nate Tsang, founder and chief executive of investment research tool WallStreetZen, believes that customers may increase their expectations for value when they encounter a robust partnership.

"If people can see how the two brands function better in tandem, they'll go in with those higher expectations," Tsang said. "It's up to the brands to ensure they can provide that increased value without over-promising and under-delivering."

Consumers seek familiarity when purchasing

More than half of U.S. consumers (57%) trust products from widely known brands more than those with names they don't recognize.

When consumers can anticipate their experience with a product before purchasing, they're more likely to be comfortable with a purchase. Familiarity acts as a social proof of concept for name brands.

Gregory Young is the chief experience officer of software company Convincely. Young asserts that familiarity with brands and proof of quality protect buyers from purchasing regret.

"With household name brand products, countless people have direct purchasing experience. The consumer experience is very well documented," Young said. "You, as a consumer, can call upon the wealth of their experience and come to a well-informed decision before making a purchase."

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Visual Objects is a visual guide to finding and hiring the best B2B service provider. A sister website of Clutch, a leading B2B services review platform, Visual Objects features portfolio items and client reviews of top creative, design, development and marketing companies from around the world.


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