Hershey’s and M&M’S among 2021’s top 10 brands in U.S.

Dec. 1, 2021

Hershey’s and M&M’S ranked No. 4 and No. 5, respectively, in a recent YouGov BrandIndex data analysis, right behind, in order, Band-Aid, Dawn and Clorox, and ahead of Lysol, Lowe’s, Cheerios, Quaker and Craftsman.

Results in the analysis from the international research firm are determined by speaking to thousands of Americans about how they feel about more than two thousand brands. Rankings are based on an index score measuring overall brand health calculated by taking the average of a half dozen factors: impression, quality, value, satisfaction, recommend and reputation. 

Band-Aid had a score of 50.0, Hershey’s 46.7 and M&M’S 46.0.

"Our consumers have considered M&M'S a favorite for more than 80 years, and to be ranked among the very best brands in America is especially exciting," said Sarah Long, Mars Wrigley's chief marketing officer for North America. 


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