From down under - Patties Foods brings an iconic success story to micro markets

March 28, 2022
Patties Foods is gaining a strong following as it introduces its iconic Four’N Twenty Traveller savory pastry to America.

In a classic observation, Peanuts character Charlie Brown once said, “There’s nothing like eating a hot dog when there is a ballgame in front of it.” While many Australians might agree, they have their own version of what sports-oriented snacking is all about. Patties Foods is gaining a strong following as it introduces its iconic Four’N Twenty Traveller savory pastry to America. The company sees micro markets as a natural destination for its hearty products.

Australian comfort food

Patties Foods is a large Australian food company that is known as the “Creators of irresistible comfort foods.” The Four’N Twenty Travellers are a classic Australian comfort food, available in a number of delicious flavors combined with Aussie beef and gravy, wrapped in a “golden pastry.”

“Four’N Twenty is a brand that is synonymous with the ‘The Great Australian Taste’ and it has been since 1947,” said Jonathan Harnish, USA sales manager for Patties Foods. “Our 5.6 oz. Four’N Twenty Traveller has been a big success in convenience stores and is a perfect fit for micro markets.”

Rapid growth

The Four’N Twenty Traveller is an iconic national Australian comfort food. “It's like our hot dog or hamburger at ballgames,” Harnish said. “It’s very tied to sports and sporting events in Australia. About three years ago, we arrived in Pennsylvania and introduced the Four’N Twenty Traveller at one c-store chain. Now, we are approaching 1000 locations nationwide  – including Rutters, 7-11, Pilot Flying J, QuickChek and many others.”

Harnish said the Four’N Twenty name has taken inspiration from the English nursery rhyme “Sing A Song of Sixpence,” specifically the line "Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie." The Four’N Twenty Traveller savory pastry are loved by “tradies” (or tradespeople) in Australia, because they are a popular one-handed eat and are available in convenience stores nationwide – as a snack or for lunch.

They love the flavor

“It's 5.6 ounces, jam-packed with 100% Australian beef; they taste great, they are filling and it’s a value,” he added. “We get the same reaction from everyone who tries a Four’N Twenty Traveller for the first time. “They love the flavor and that is why we are growing fast.”

Wide demographic appeal

While the Four’N Twenty Traveller would seem to have a primarily blue-collar appeal, Harnish said that the Classic Beef & Cheese Pastry and the Philly Cheesesteak Pastry have extremely broad appeal. “They are for everyday people who appreciate hard work, humor and a sense of ‘mate-ship’ – strong brand values,” Harnish said. “At the same time, you’ll see celebrities, sports stars and people of all ages enjoying them at a televised sporting event.”

Aggressive promotion

According to Harnish, operators should expect to see some aggressive national advertising in the near future, now that the Four’N Twenty Traveller is gaining traction quickly through an organic sales approach. “The plan is to tie the product to stadium events, to sports celebrities. We are even looking at e-sports promotion to appeal to a younger demographic,” Harnish said.

The company has already taken the sports celebrity marketing route with NBA star Ben Simmons, born in Australia, now with the New Jersey Nets, who is not only a fan of the Four’N Twenty range but a long-time brand ambassador supporting the launch of the Four’N Twenty Traveller into the U.S. market. Additionally, Patties has worked with Jordan Mailata, once an Australian rugby player, now an offensive tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Well-received in New Orleans

Harnish was happy to see that the Four’N Twenty Traveller was so well-received at the New Orleans NAMA Show in August. Four’N Twenty Traveller savory pastries are now available through Vistar and are currently being sold in about 500 micro markets. “Our product is an eye opener for a number of operators, especially when they see the margins, which are excellent,” he noted. “We are getting a lot of interest from micro market operators.”

Positive image helps

“I think there is a positive connotation – a positive image associated with the Australian lifestyle and that helps drive sales of the Four’N Twenty Traveller,” Harnish said. “I urge operators to come to our booth at the NAMA Show in Chicago or reach out to us for samples. I am sure that when you taste the Four’N Twenty Traveller, you will be impressed with the flavor – that is the most important reason you will want it in your micro markets.”

To learn more about the Four’N Traveller savory pastries, visit or contact Jonathan Harnish at [email protected] or call 412-398-5125. 

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