For years now – Kenny Boyd has chosen Fixturelite

Feb. 25, 2021

Kenny Boyd recognized the value offered by Fixturelite five years ago when he ran the vending, micro market and OCS business for a national refreshment services company in the western U.S. Now, as president of Denver Beverage and Denver Refreshment Services, he is more confident than ever that Fixturelite is the right choice for his fast-growing micro market business.

“We want business partners, not transactional relationships”

“Our business philosophy is we want business partners, not transactional relationships. We want somebody who is going to help us come up with solutions and be a good business partner. That is why we work with Fixturelite,” said Boyd.

Boyd pointed to a recent example of how Fixturelite is willing to go the extra mile to find solutions. “One of our clients is an engineering firm - about 150 people. They had moved and remodeled the space, and so we had to match their paint palette and the design characteristics in their break room. We were able to work with Fixturelite to match that. Not every supplier is capable of that or willing to do it,” he said.

Essentials Collection – well priced, creating opportunity

Boyd is currently making good use of Fixturelite’s Essentials Collection, designed for 50 to 100 employees. “Our 150-employee location is currently at 75 and the Essentials Collection market is the perfect choice,” said Boyd, who added that if the location bumps back up to 150 employees, he can move them up to the Performance Collection and put the Essentials Collection market to work in another location.

“I’m a big fan of what I call, the “mini micro market,” said Boyd. “There is plenty of opportunity in the 50-to-100-person location. Boyd added that while that smaller employee count is particularly tough for vending, it can be very profitable as a micro market, especially when the well-priced Fixturelite Essentials Collection is utilized to serve the location.

Easy installation

Boyd and his team have always been pleased with Fixturelite’s ease of installation. “The first time we installed one, my tech and I stared at each other a bit because there is always a learning curve,” said Boyd. “Once we figured it out, we realized that installing a Fixturelite micro market is incredibly easy,” he added.

When it comes to selling micro markets, Boyd is a believer in the power and performance of the Fixturelite Design Tool. I think it's a great selling tool,” said Boyd. “A lot of times when you're doing bigger micro markets and you're dealing with HR people, they want to see what the market is going to look like, how it's going to present, and they are interested in how the market is going to fill the room or match up with the room.”

Hard to beat the Fixturelite Design Tool

As Boyd put it, if you are not using the Fixturelite Design Tool, you might as well be writing your quote on the back of a napkin. “With the Design Tool, you can send all the specs for the equipment, show what the market is going to look like, what the design is, what the colors are going to be and how it actually fits in the room - I don't think you can beat that,” he said.

Orlando: “We appreciate his years of loyalty to Fixturelite”

We are thrilled to work with Kenny and his team at Denver Beverage and Denver Refreshment Services. Kenny has the experience, track record and dedication to customer satisfaction that attracts new clients,” said Steve Orlando, co-founder of Fixturelite. “Kenny knows what it takes to be successful. His company will quickly emerge as a major player in the Denver market area and we will do everything we can to help him succeed. We appreciate his years of loyalty to Fixturelite.”

Sold on Fixturelite

Boyd has been approached by other fixture suppliers, usually offering cheaper materials and always selling on price. “We have no desire to work with anybody else. We looked at three or four different companies and to me, you can't make a wire rack look good enough to fit in a new design,” said Boyd. “It’s easy to downgrade, but once you get started with the wrong product, you have no options and upgrading is difficult.”

Clearly, Boyd knew a good thing when he saw it 5 years ago and he knows it when he sees it today. Kenny Boyd chooses Fixturelite.

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