Grubhub reveals top food-ordering trends in a 2022 report

Dec. 20, 2022
Grubhub released its annual retrospective look at the biggest national ordering trends and eating habits of the year in '2022 Delivered' Report.

Grubhub released its annual retrospective look at the biggest national ordering trends and eating habits of the year in a report called 2022 Delivered. The report analyzes millions of orders from diners this year and shows that comfort inspired what we ate.

Burrito is the top order of the year 

2022 delivered the burrito in the no. 1 spot as diners stuck to the comfort that layered gooey goodness. Jumping all the way from no. 8 last year, diners packed their burritos with everything from sausage and eggs to guac and sour cream more than 4 million times. 

Top dishes 

  1. Burrito (bowl or regular) 
  2. Cheeseburger 
  3. Cheese Pizza
  4. Pad Thai 
  5. Chicken Quesadilla 
  6. California Roll 
  7. Fried Chicken Sandwich
  8. Caesar Salad 
  9. Chicken Tikka Masala 
  10. Boneless Wings

Top breakfast orders 

  1. Sausage, Egg + Cheese Sandwich
  2. Donuts 
  3. Sausage Burrito
  4. Bagel with Cream Cheese 
  5. Muffins

Top lunch orders  

  1. Burrito  
  2. Cheeseburger  
  3. Fried Chicken Sandwich  
  4. Cheese Pizza  
  5. Chicken Quesadilla 

Top coffee orders  

  1. Iced Coffee 
  2. Hot Coffee  
  3. Iced Caramel Coffee 
  4. Iced French Vanilla Coffee  
  5. Frozen Coffee 

Top milk alternatives   

  1. Oat Milk 
  2. Almond Milk 
  3. Coconut Milk  
  4. Soy Milk  
  5. Cashew Milk 

Top dessert orders   

  1. Tiramisu 
  2. Baklava 
  3. Cookies 
  4. Cheesecake 
  5. Brownie 
  6. Churros 
  7. Cannoli 
  8. Carrot Cake 
  9. Chocolate Cake 
  10. Flan 

Top trending cuisines  

  1. Australian (531% growth YOY)
  2. South African (294% growth YOY) 
  3. Cambodian (4% growth YOY)

Methodology: Grubhub's 2022 Delivered report is based on trends gathered from tens of millions of orders on the Grubhub platform. Order trends detail the rise in popularity of food items placed by Grubhub diners January–November 2022, as compared to the same timeframe in 2021.

The full multimedia report can be found here.


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