Grubhub releases 2021 food trends report, and a lot of Impossible cheeseburgers were ordered

Dec. 16, 2021

As 2021 winds down, Grubhub is rewinding to see how its customers ate and drank their way through another year of change. The online and mobile food-ordering service just released findings from its annual "Year in Food" report. Grubhub analyzed orders from more than 32 million diners to see what rose in popularity throughout the year.

If 2020 was the year of comfort foods, and 2019 was full of vegetarian-friendly orders, then 2021 will be considered a mix of both, with the Impossible cheeseburger rising to prominence, increasing 442% in popularity to make it Grubhub's top-order item of the year.

Grubhub's top 10 orders of the year (and popularity % increase)

  1. Impossible cheeseburger (+442%)
  2. Shredded pork taco (+310%)
  3. Apple pecan chicken salad (+287%)
  4. Detroit-style pizza (+263%)
  5. Margarita (+240%)
  6. Pub mac and cheese (+174%)
  7. Pork dumplings (+173%)
  8. Chicken burrito (+166%)
  9. Poke nacho (+158%)
  10. Lettuce wrap (+155%)

Top side dishes

  1. Chips and pico de gallo (+205%)
  2. Stuffed garlic knot (+174%)
  3. Mac and cheese (+173%)
  4. Cornbread (+171%)
  5. Chips and queso (+155%)

Top desserts

  1. Strawberry shortcake sundae: (+378%)
  2. Cookie dough cheesecake (+315%)
  3. Chocolate chip pizza (+287%)
  4. Cookie dough burrito (+255%)
  5. Flan (+244%)

Top coffee drinks

  1. Pumpkin spice latte (+363%)
  2. Vanilla latte (+256%)
  3. Cold brew (+116%)
  4. Flat white (+110%)
  5. Nitro coffee (+68%)

 Predictions for 2022

Grubhub is analyzing hundreds of millions of orders over the past three years to make its predictions for the top foods of 2022. Here are the orders, in no particular ranking, that are likely to rise in popularity next year.

  • Margherita flatbread pizza
  • Buffalo chicken tots
  • Peanut butter protein smoothie
  • Cajun steakburger
  • Apple cobbler

More on Grubhub’s Year in Food report is available at its website.


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