Parlevel Announces Lightspeed Integration To Streamline Warehouse Operations

Feb. 7, 2018

San Antonio, Tx, February 6th 2018 Parlevel Systems, the technology provider for the most productive network of food and beverage operators in the world, announced an integration with Lightspeed Automation, the industry leader in warehouse automation. Warehouse, prekit, and inventory information generated by Parlevel’s vending management system (VMS) seamlessly syncs with Lightspeed’s warehouse pick-to-light system. The integration helps vending, micro market, and office coffee / dropoff operators save time, ensure prekit accuracy, and streamline warehouse processes. 

Parlevel’s VMS uses remote monitoring and forecasting to track sales information for vending machines, micro markets, and coffee / dropoff stations. From this sales information, Parlevel can accurately generate product lists, commonly known as prekits, for warehouse operations. Once the prekit is generated, detailed order information can be sent to the operator’s Lightspeed system. Warehouse personnel can quickly and easily use Lightspeed’s pick-to-light system to pack replenishment orders generated by Parlevel’s system. Parlevel and Lightspeed systems work together to track inventory from warehouse to truck to machine, helping businesses increase operational efficiency, stock points of sale accurately, and save money. 

“The Parlevel warehouse system is incredibly powerful, helping operators streamline routing and warehouse ordering,” said Ashley Reno, director of software at Parlevel Systems. “The Lightspeed integration makes a positive impact for operators that rely on Parlevel’s warehouse and Lightspeed’s pick to light system. These services combine to give operators accuracy and efficiency in monitoring product leaving their warehouse. With our platforms, operators can see where their inventory is at all times, ensure it is being delivered accurately, and save time and money in the process.” 

“We proudly welcome Parlevel as an integration partner and look forward to the new opportunities this collaboration will bring to the industry,” said Randy Smith, CEO of Lightspeed Automation. “Parlevel’s talented development team continues to create advanced solutions for operator success, and we are excited to serve the industry alongside them.” 

Parlevel’s integration with Lightspeed works for vending, office coffee / dropoff, and micro market operations, but does not support third party micro markets. Operators can still use the Parlevel warehouse module to track and maintain inventory without the need to purchase third party software. This integration is the first step in a collaboration between Parlevel and Lightspeed to help operators run the most efficient warehouse processes possible. 

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About Parlevel 

Based in San Antonio, Texas, Parlevel Systems delivers growth, savings, and control through the power of service and innovation. Founded by successful vending and technology professionals, Parlevel provides operators around the world with the tools necessary to succeed and better serve their customers. Parlevel utilizes customer support technology and a dedicated customer success team to ensure efficient implementation, training, and systems adoption. 


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