Jeff Smith Calls The Executive Forum "Your Turn"

Nov. 13, 2017

President of All Star Services, Inc., Jeff Smith is an operator committed to growth not only of his business, but also the industry. That is why he is inviting other operators to Orlando, FL for the NAMA Executive Forum, Dec. 6 to 8 2017. Set to take place at the Four Seasons Resort in Orlando, the Executive Forum agenda will include listening to, collaborating with and learning from other c-suite leaders in the industry as well as outside innovators. Deep dives into three critical competencies, including individual leadership, marketplace leadership, and organizational leadership will be guided by world-class CEOs from mainstream business, including Disney, Inc. Take a look at who's featured

"I've called this a transformative experience because I believe there's a transformation of our industry going on right now. It's not necessarily about improving the industry, but rethinking the direction it's going. The Executive Forum is a place to do just that, with 100 industry colleges," Smith told "I believe in the forum and what I'm looking forward to myself is the opportunity to see the background of Disney's operations. We have heard so much about the organization and management of that particular company. It is not every day you get to see what goes on behind the scenes. I'm excited to learn and then look at our industry and how we can take what they do and apply it." 

NAMA reports that there are nearly 90 participants attending the Executive Forum with just a few more spots available. It invites interested operators to attend, even if competitors of current attendees.     

"I think this is a forum for us to open up -- have conversations about the industry in general," said Smith who isn't worried about talking in front of competitors. "Something I have always been impressed with within NAMA was that as a board and an industry we could come together for discussions without competitive factors being a concern." 

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