Vagabond Releases 2.0 Web Interface

June 25, 2013

Vagabond, known for its mobile optimized vending operations platform, announced the beta release of its new 2.0 web interface to all customers. With the release of the 2.0 suite, Vagabond now provides a truly comprehensive cross-platform VMS solution. The mobile software has always been easy to use; the introduction of the web components now provides full-featured vending operations management for larger customers.

The revamped Vagabond 2.0 web interface offers a complete solution tailored to all vending operators managing between 1 and 2500 machines. Features added to the new web interface include multiple route organization, the ability to pack for numerous machines at once, and fastest route mapping. The service also includes improved exporting and printing of pick lists and reports.

With the release of the web product, Vagabond also introduces a visually appealing Dashboard which gives a snapshot of the business’ financial and operational status. The operator can instantly view their most/least efficient products, their best/worst netting machines, route performance trends, and other metrics designed to give the operator comprehensive visibility into the business’ performance. The Dashboard also offers a view of how other operators are doing and which products are selling most efficiently across all users.

“Our goal for the new 2.0 web interface is to give managers access to the data and information that encourages them to make decisions that increase revenue and reduce cost,” said Juan Jorquera, Vagabond’s president, in a prepared statement. He added, “2.0’s easy-to-use web interface is designed so the least tech-savvy among us can increase the efficiency and profitability of the business."

Vagabond has consistently invested in product development since its initial release. Michael Lovett, chairman of Vagabond Vending’s parent company, DTG Holdings added, “Vagabond’s 2.0 release marks our entry into the market for larger operators. In an industry dominated by traditional operators, too many drivers are carrying too much inventory blindly around their territories. Vagabond offers a solution to those who want to reduce the cost and pain associated with operating routes." Lovett added, “If your vending business is not operating at net incomes of 12 to 15 percent, you’re leaving money on the table."


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