Mars Unveils Marathon Off-Season Training Program

Dec. 14, 2012

Mars Chocolate North America has announced that its MARATHON® brand has developed the MARATHON® Bar Offseason Game Plan, a set of fun, simple training and nutrition programs designed to help encourage and support athletes who strive to finish 2012 strong and “STAY ON. KEEP ON. ®” this offseason.

The MARATHON® Bar Offseason Game Plan was developed using first-hand knowledge and experience provided by USA Cycling and Triathlon Coach Gale Bernhardt and nationally renowned sports dietician Dr. Janet Brill, according to the release.

“With more and more people looking for the right balance between rest and recovery, staying active and healthy, and proper nutrition during the winter months, the MARATHON® Bar Offseason Game Plan provides the perfect approach for any caliber of athlete,” said Coach Bernhardt, in a prepared statement. “Consumers should keep MARATHON® Bars as an important part of their offseason active lifestyle routines – not only do they taste great, every bar is packed full of protein and essential vitamins important for both professional athletes and anyone simply looking to stay active while juggling busy schedules.”

The MARATHON® Bar Offseason Game Plan has easy-to-follow tips to help you run your day, your way this offseason, including:

1. Embrace the Cold: Don’t let the chilly temperatures scare you. Use the cold as an opportunity to find unique ways to get in some good cardio or strength work by raking leaves, shoveling the driveway, building a snowman or going on a winter weather hike.

2. Break Outside of the Gym: Winter workouts don’t need to be relegated to the gym. Find an at-home fitness tape (Pilates, Yoga, cardio, etc.) or an on-demand television work out and do your own in-house boot camp once a week to mix things up.

3. Mix Up Your Fitness: Use the winter season to learn a new skill. Try something new like indoor rock climbing, a dance class, fitness boxing, or cross-country skiing. Check out your local fitness center for ideas.

Athletes can download the MARATHON® Bar Offseason Game Plan directly from the MARATHON® Bar Facebook page, where they’ll also find tips and articles from our experts, motivation from like-minded active people, and opportunities to win MARATHON® Bar fitness gear and product. Visit for more details.