Mike Kiser Joins AVT Inc. As Chief Marketing Officer

July 28, 2011

Mike Kiser, former CEO of Canteen Vending Services Inc. and a vending technology developer and marketer, recently joined AVT Inc., a publicly traded manufacturer of high tech vending machines, as chief marketing officer.

Kiser said he has signed exclusive U.S. rights to market a U.K.-based extraction technology that AVT will be using in its machines.

Kiser has also formed a new company, Custom Retail Systems, to distribute the extraction technology. The extraction technology allows products to be extracted from the rear of the machine and not disturb the merchandising, Kiser said.

Kiser said machines sold by both Custom Retail Systems and AVT will have several new features, including touchscreens, printed receipts, biometric payment acceptance, customer recognition software, and streaming videos.

Kiser’s umbrella company, Kiser Capital Group, includes companies that address different aspects of retailing. Kiser's goal is to provide consumer product marketers a way to market products and services. The products he is focused on include traditional food and beverage products, as well as numerous non-traditional products, such as apparel, cosmetics, electronics, gasoline, health care and convenience items.