SandenVendo America equipment to incorporate Vendekin’s intelligent vending machine controller

Nov. 30, 2021

Pune, India-based Vendekin Technologies, a pioneer in vending machine digitization, said it has entered into a partnership with major machine manufacturer SandenVendo America Inc. According to an announcement, various SandenVendo models will soon incorporate Vendekin’s intelligent vending machine controller

Central to the technology partnership is the Intelligent Vendekin RetroBox, a plug-n-play device that integrates into traditional vending machines, adding "smart and touchless" capabilities without the need for 4G/5G. Instead, smartphones are used to select and pay for up to five products in one transaction. The solution can reduce physical contact by about 95%

The RetroBox is compatible with MDB, working in tandem with all currency acceptors and card readers with a dual cashless feature. Additionally, the system is VDI/EVA/DTA compliant, so data are ported wirelessly to any existing VMS

And Vendekin's own VMS can cover an entire vending operation, managing purchase orders, warehouse inventory, automated machine planograms, pricing, automated service tickets and cash management. A dedicated operator app allows operators to get key insights and data on the go.

Most importantly, vending patrons have the convenience to make mobile transactions by scanning a QR code with their cameras on their smartphones.

“The way we pay for things has evolved exponentially over the past decade," said SandenVendo America president and chief executive Mike Weisser. "Consumers want a fast, convenient, and secure digital transaction. Vendekin’s solution does just that. The necessity of downloading another app, opening an account and sharing one’s personal information is the opposite of fast, convenient, and secure. We believe this will encourage customer purchases, and broaden the number of users.”

Vendekin, founded in 2016 by Aroon Khatter, is a funded startup that offers a wide range of intelligent vending machines equipped with digital payment and touchfree dispensation. 

Dallas-based SandenVendo America, originally The Vendo Co., was purchased by Japan's Sanden Holdings in 1988. Vendo was founded in 1937 as a vending machine manufacturer and began making foodservice equipment in the mid-1990s.


[Credit: Vendekin]
Vendekin’s smart vending platform working with a cashless payment app, shown here with a glassfront machine, creates a digital and touch-free experience. The platform also provides real-time data analytics.

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