American Green's age-verifying pot vending machines go live

Nov. 3, 2021

American Green Inc.’s new age-identifying and facial-recognition software is installed and fully operational in the American Green Xpress (AGX) cannabis and CBD vending machines.

Phoenix-based American Green stakes its claim as the only company in the world combining superior facial recognition with age confirmation thus allowing the purchase of cannabis, CBD or alcohol products to users over the legal age in particular jurisdictions that allow these transactions.  

The AI-powered 21-and-over age-identity verification and authorization software automatically run the facial recognition for the AGX’s initial customer onboarding process.

First-time AGX customers can enroll in the program right at the machine.  The process to purchase age-restricted items is easy and quick. The customer scans their driver’s license into their phone, and then shows it to the camera on the AGX. The AGX verifies whether the customer ID is authentic while comparing that photo with facial recognition it “sees” on the machine’s camera while confirming that the customer is “live” at the machine. 

The AGX approves (or rejects) the customer upon the completion of the biometric verification process.  The now-verified person lays their index finger atop the AGX’s biometric finger vein reader where the vein print is read and matched with the new customer’s other biometric date.  

If a new AGX customer passes all of the AGX’s protocols, they will then be enrolled and can purchase any age-restricted products in the AGX immediately. The next time a previously enrolled person visits the AGX in their network, all they have to do is insert their finger into the biometric finger vein reader to have full access to purchase anything in the machine.  


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