Spacious Trakkit industrial vending machines manage inventory onsite

June 11, 2021

An Australian-owned manufacturer is now marketing Trakkit, a heavy industry inventory management system.

The Queensland-based company said its "vending" system boasts the world-first patented technology to help heavy industry intelligently manage inventory onsite.

The system works like a conventional vending machine. But it's encased in 20-ft. or 40-ft. solid-steel, purpose-built portable shipping containers. Trakkit securely stocks consumables, tools and equipment. Workers and contractors can access what they need through permission-based login access. All transaction data are tracked, synced live and sent to the cloud.

“With instant-user access granted to stock via the Trakkit mobile app, a supervisor can give trackable access to employees or contractors to anything in the machine with a click of a button wherever they are in Australia. All transactions are pushed live to the cloud, so automated functions like low stock reordering become a breeze," explained Trakkit co-owner and inventor Craig Dahlenburg. 

According to Dahlenburg, Trakkit was developed over eight years to solve inventory management headaches, including theft, shortages, discrepancies and adjustments, with a focus on accountability, availability and usability.


[Credit: BottleHum LLC]
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