Swyft announces new contactless shopping technology for its vending machines

March 9, 2021

San Francisco-based Swyft Inc., parent of automated retail operator ZoomSystems, said it is launching a patented contactless shopping technology that allows consumers “to instantly get the products they need or want without dealing with anyone or touching anything.”

Consumers use their mobile phones to complete their purchases while standing in front of robotic stores equipped with the new Swyft technology.

According to Swyft, users are still able to conveniently pay using their physical credit card or NFC-enabled phone and are not required to download a mobile app, create a mobile wallet or an online account.

Swyft offers contactless shopping through hosted websites. Beyond contactless shopping, the new technology, coupled with Swyft's existing platform, makes way for various new retail experiences such as automated click and collect or courier delivery from highly scalable pickup points.

The automated store on Swyft's platform connect to a “micro-warehouse” that allows brands or retailers to build functionality into their websites and apps such as the reservation of products for consumers or couriers to buy online and pickup at a store

For example, consumers can select and pay for a COVID test on one of Swyft's brand partner websites (possibly free with insurance verification) and receive a pickup code. When the pickup code is presented, the Swyft platform validates the code and the test kit is instantly dispensed. 

Swyft president and product vice president Lincoln Smith, who invented many of Swyft's early patents, said the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated consumer acceptance of its automated retail systems.

“Many of us are wary of touching things or interacting with people,” Smith said. “Our contactless shopping experience is so frictionless and convenient that you'll never want to wait in line again."

The latest Swyft technology will be immediately made available in its vending machines at major airports in San Francisco, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston and Atlanta. 


Swyft / Oliver Johnston / Public domain
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