Pelican Group adds CBD vending to its management portfolio

Feb. 24, 2021

The leading vending and coin-op equipment management firm has agreed to deploy CBD vending machines nationwide. Chemesis International Inc., a multistate cannabis company providing AI-based retail solutions, announced its agreement with the Pelican Group this week.

Chemesis holds exclusive rights to an AI-based kiosk that is designed to be placed in such high traffic areas as shopping malls, stadiums, transit hubs and workplaces. 

Involved in the coin-op machine space for 50 years, Pelican is said to be perfectly aligned to oversee and administer the entire Chemesis program. Pelican will act as the main contact for operators selected to participate in CBC vending program.

"We will be working with outstanding operators from all over the country who will benefit from this opportunity,” said Pelican president Richard Scherer. "It's always a pleasure working with a company [Chemisis] providing innovative products that contribute to the operator's bottom line."

Founded 50 years ago and headquartered in Danville, CA, Pelican Group manages more than 50,000 pieces of coin-operated music, amusement and vending devices for corporate clients through a network of over 600 local operators. With offices nationwide, Pelican provides contract and accounting administration for clients with locations in multiple regions.


Photo by Kimzy Nanney on Unsplash
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