Queensland Company Launches the Health Pod, a Vending Machine for Health Products

Sept. 30, 2020

Now Retail Group's Health Pod, which is now available outside of Australia in markets including North America, dispenses tissues, hand sanitizer, face masks and other health products.  

Public safety and wellbeing during Covid-19 has inspired the team behind a genius idea for keeping people connected 24/7 to create a clever new concept for keeping healthy and safe.

The demand for instant access to products to keep us constantly connected spurred Now Retail Group 8 years ago to launch their hugely successful Powerpod kiosks in public places - vending machines for technology and accessories from power chargers to audio so nobody needs to plug in to stay logged in.

Now the smart company has pivoted to also offer mobile hygiene and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) products available from newly launched Health Pod kiosks, dispensing tissues, hand sanitiser, face masks, headache tablets and more.

Australia’s first Health Pod was installed at Brisbane International Airport with three more now in place in Covid-19 ‘hot spot’ Melbourne (at Melbourne Central Shopping Centre and Southern Cross Station).

The concept is set to follow the success of Powerpod kiosks, which can be found in over 100 locations including Singapore’s Changi Airport, Brisbane Airport and train stations throughout Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

General Manager, Mr. Joey Curts said demand is spiking. “Health Pods are ideal for airports, public transport areas, hotels and resorts and retail centres, offering a range of up to 35 personal hygiene and PPE products, he said.

“Customers are responding because we offer them peace of mind when they travel and move about and venues are promoting public health and safety,” he said. “We added the Health Pod offering to help people in the current climate; we’re all highly aware we must keep our hands clean and protect ourselves from health threats and it isn’t always easy on the go.

“Health Pods make vital items easily and quickly accessible and affordable, and offer their venues a new revenue stream too, creating jobs and supporting businesses.”

A typical Health Pod stocks hand sanitiser, face masks, disinfecting wipes, disposable gloves, pain relievers and more.

Mr. Curts said Now Retail Group is speaking with major airports, transit centres, convention centres and shopping centres about introducing Health Pods - in many instances alongside existing Powerpod kiosks.

“Some venues in the hotel industry are interested as Health Pods can be installed in foyers and even on each floor. Health Pods are also ideal for office buildings - anywhere large groups of people gather,” he said.

“Our experience has shown us there’s tremendous demand for products from our automated retail kiosks – where customers don’t need to interact with a cashier – and our software provides real-time visibility of sales and stock levels so we know when they need refilling and what people want.”

Now Retail Group offers venues options to rent the pods and stock a customised range of health products to earn new revenue from under-utilised space.

“This has been a great way for us to reimagine our business, which relies heavily on foot traffic. With lockdowns in place, fewer people outdoors impacted us initially, but it provided the opportunity to create something new.

“Health Pod is the first business of its kind in Australia and based on our Powerpod business model we expect it similarly successful.”

To enquire about Health Pod for your business or workplace contact: www.nowretailgroup.com


Now Retail Group is an innovative Australian retailer of private label products through a network of more than 100 automated vending kiosks in Australia and Singapore. Known for their flagship brand Powerpod, and now with Health Pod added to their range, Now Retail Group has been helping keep Australians connected and healthy since 2012.


Image by mrminibike from Pixabay
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