CLEANLIFE® Adds D & S Vending as Official Distributor for LED Replacement Bulbs and Kits

July 22, 2020

Cleveland's D & S Vending is expanding the partnership with CLEANLIFE to carry the full line of LED products for vending machines. D & S Vending announced a partnership with CLEANLIFE earlier this summer to carry PPE kits in vending machines.  

CLEVELAND, July 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Building on a partnership initiated with PPE kits for vending machines, CLEANLIFE® and D & S Vending have taken another step together.  D & S will now be carrying the full line of LED products for vending machines from CLEANLIFE® as an official distributor. 

The product line includes InstantStart® LED tubes ranging in all standard sizes from 12" to 72" for virtually every brand and model vending machine.  These energy efficient tubes are direct replacements for existing fluorescent lamps and can be installed with or without an electronic ballast or electromagnetic ballast.  In addition, D & S will continue to provide the popular Truck & Van lighting kits, Universal Light Kit for Vending Machines, and Micro Market Shelf Lighting Kits.

"We really wanted to expand our relationship with CLEANLIFE® after the initial success of the PPE vending kits.  CLEANLIFE® has always provided top quality LED lighting products.  We look forward to growing this relationship," said Jason Greene, President of D & S. 

Justin Miller, Founder and CEO of CLEANLIFE®, noted, "We really want to keep our brand at the forefront of people's minds when they think LED lighting in vending and coolers.  We feel like we are helping businesses not just come back but move forward.  LED lighting can play a role in upgrading and improving the look of equipment that is capable of dispensing PPE.  It's a new potential revenue stream for operators during these difficult economic times and aids in the fight against COVID-19."

To kick off this distributorship, D & S will have a special sale for 1 week only on the full range of InstantStart® tubes from July 24th thru July 31st.  Quantities will be limited.  To purchase now, check out

CLEANLIFE LLC is an FDA registered distributor of PPE, and CLEANLIFE® LED is a supplier of energy efficient LED lighting.  CLEANLIFE® has been at the forefront of supplying LED lighting kits and fluorescent replacement tubes to the vending industry since 2011.  D & S Vending has been providing equipment, parts and service for vending machines since 1965.  Both companies are located in Cleveland, Ohio.