Cleveland Clothing Business Owner Plans To Sell Masks For COVID-19 Via Vending Machines

May 6, 2020

A small luxury clothing business owner in Cleveland is considering buying two vending machines to sell face masks, possibly at grocery stores, CBS-affiliate WOIO reports.

"We realized after getting so many phone calls from people that wanted to get their masks immediately right then and there and as we noticed the public is tiptoeing around reopening the economy we realized there might be a lot of people that don’t know where to get masks or don’t have access to masks and if they don’t then they probably won’t buy them,”  Valerie Mayen, owner of Yellowcake Shop, said in the article.

Locally made hand santizer and touchless door holders are other products they are considering selling. Mayen said she would appreciate assistance with the project.

Selling masks in vending machines has also taken off in New York City, Time Out reports.