The Last Mold-A-Rama Vending Machine In Minnesota Remains A Draw For Collectors

Dec. 12, 2019

The Star Tribune reports that Minnesota's last Mold-A-Rama machine is located at the Como Park Zoo in St. Paul. Once a popular attraction found in tourist sites such as the State Fair or the Mall of America and in train stations and movie theaters across the state, the Mold-A-Rama machines have disappeared over the last 60 years. The original Mold-A-Rama machines were invented in Quincy, Ill. and were embraced by the Automatic Retailers of America, who debuted the vending machines at the World's Fair in Seattle in 1962. 



Minnesota Convention Center Installs Art Vending Machine

Dec. 6, 2013
An Art-o-Mat vending machine has been installed in a convention center in St.Cloud, Minn., according to SCTimes. The machines are retired cigarette vending machines converted ...