Basil Street Cafe Seeks To Create Mini Pizza Kitchen At Airports, College Campuses

Feb. 28, 2019

Basil Street Cafe plans to be one of many providers of high-tech vending machines providing on-demand hot food with its Automated Pizza Kitchen, according to The Spoon. It plans to bring the kitchens, which are about 20 square feet and hold 150 frozen pizzas, to high-volume areas around the United States such as airports, military bases, college campuses and convenience stores. Customers can use a touchscreen to choose a cheese, pepperoni or seasonal pizza for about $8 that will be ready in about three minutes.

Editor's Insight: While I don't see many operators in our industry placing one of these pizza vending machines, I do see them competing with them in places such as airports where there is a large volume of people looking for food options at all times of day.