U-Select-It launches Scan & Go Market

March 8, 2023
USI's Scan & Go Market self-checkout solution provides product security for operators, as well as convenience for end consumers who simply pay, scan and go.

U-Select-It (USI), a leading global vending solutions provider, announced the addition of Scan & Go Market to its family of products. Featuring a fast and easy self-checkout experience for end consumers, USI's Scan & Go Market allows operators to stock a wide variety of in-demand, high-margin fresh food, beverages and snacks in one affordable solution.  

The self-service retail solution provides the right balance of product security for operators and convenience for end consumers who simply pay, scan and go. Controlled access with automatic locking prevents theft while allowing end consumers to access products from the cooler before making their purchase decision. Its flexibility and scalability make it ideal for a wide variety of locations.

"Today, operators must make their operations more efficient to remain competitive, and as consumer preferences continue to shift toward fresh and healthy, the demand for flexible and affordable solutions such as Scan & Go Market will continue to grow," Ted O'Brien, president, sales, said in the announcement.

With cutting-edge technology, Scan & Go Market offers innovative features and functionality. Unlike micro markets, Scan & Go Market sends data through DEX, seamlessly integrating operators' existing VMS. 

"Scan & Go Market will expand the growing market of locations for operators who have been waiting for a solution that offers an optimal level of both product security and convenience through product accessibility," Jim Chico, vice president, sales, added in the announcement. "Scan & Go is ideal for locations where sales don't justify a fully 'open' retail micro market setup but have a desire to provide consumers with a premium, micro market experience, as well as locations that have sufficient foot traffic to accommodate a full micro market but have a high risk of theft." 

Andres Martinez, vice president of engineering and QA, added in the announcement, "USI is looking forward to continuing the development of our innovative dispensing solutions for the convenience services industry. Scan & Go Market is an affordable way for operators to bring a 'micro market' experience to their locations, and their consumers enjoy the convenience and accessibility that it provides."   

For over 90 years, U-Select-It has continuously developed innovative automated retail solutions with operators and end consumers in mind. Based in Des Moines, Iowa, U-Select-It offers the industry's most comprehensive range of integrated, full-line vending equipment, services and technology. Family owned and operated, U-Select-It has served the convenience services industry since 1931.


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