New Powder Coat Line Installed

Jan. 4, 2019

Rudy Stakeman has announced the startup of a new powder coating line at All State Manufacturing’s Terre Haute facility. The powder coating line will be in full production shortly after the first of the year. The All State Manufacturing Company supplies a wide variety of coffee stands, condiment/microwave stands and recently added micro market stands to the vending industry. The new process, a significant investment, allows All State to provide our customers a much improved product finish, while internally improving process times and efficiencies. 

Chris Higginbotham the Plant Manager with 45 years of service to All State and the vending industry, said “We keep our customers in mind with everything we do at All State. The new powder coat line will give them a much stronger and uniform finish. We should also be able to shorten our manufacturing cycle because we will no longer need to wait for paint to dry.” 

Sandra Faukenberry the Sales Manager at All State says “I’m so excited that I won’t have to tell customers they’ll have to wait three days for paint to dry before their stands can be built. Parts are dry and ready to be assembled as soon as they come out of the furnace. This new improved system has been long dreamt of and talked about and now is becoming a reality and I couldn’t be happier”. 

The powder coat line consisting of over 180 feet of conveyor and an inline curing furnace was built by MIDWEST FINISHING SYSTEMS in Mishawaka, IN. All State has also acquired the latest in powder gun technology from AMERICAN INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION in Greenwood, IN. These items combined with a used powder booth should provide us with an extremely productive operation for many years. 

The installation which was done in an unused area of the plant had minimal effect on continuing operations while the installation was in progress. We don’t believe our customers could even tell we were in process of making these dynamic changes. We are very pleased with the startup and trial runs to date. We expect the line to be fully tested and productive very shortly.