Introducing New Creamer Cup Dispenser And Bulk Condiment Unit From PPM

Oct. 4, 2018

This year Plastics and Products Marketing (PPM) is offering a new spin (pardon the pun) on merchandising and organizing condiments for office coffee service. 

At the NACS and NAMA Coffee, Tea and Water show in New Orleans, PPM will be introducing two news products. First is a novel approach to individually dispense PC Creamer Cups. It is a neat, clean and attractive solution that saves money by discouraging pilferage. It helps control inventory and is easy to operate.

PPM has also developed a two-tier stack-able condiment carousel for bulk dispensing of condiments for coffee or food programs. The units are a two-piece stackable unit that keeps condiments neat, clean and attractive. It works equally well for coffee condiments or salad/sandwich condiments making it ideal for coffee, hot dog, sandwich or salad stations.  

PPM will be at booth number 5556 for NACS Show Las Vegas and booth number 417 for NAMA Coffee Tea and Water In New Orleans