Oasis Vehicle Refreshments Announces Patent On Cold Drink And Snack Vending Machine For Consumer Transit

Sept. 27, 2018

Oasis Vehicle Refreshments, the innovator and manufacturer of refrigerated vending systems for public transit vehicles like taxis, rental cars or autonomous vehicles, announced today that it has received the first patent on its intelligent vending system technology.  The smart, connected mobile storefronts will allow the company to provide on-demand chilled beverages and snacks to passengers while en route. 

First-to-market with a patent on an advanced refrigeration and automated, IoT enabled vending system, Oasis Vehicle Refreshments operates effectively within vehicles. Compact enough to fit within Sedan, SUV and Hatchback vehicle models, the system can serve taxi and car rental fleets as well as buses, trains, and smart cars. Passengers can enjoy refreshments by conveniently ordering and retrieving their favorite beverage and snack brands within the vehicle. A digital Interactive Screen (built-in Credit/Debit Card and digital payment processing), modular Refrigerated Vending Machine and versatile Inventory Cartridges are provided to optimize efficiency for fleet operation. 

Daniel Dao, founder and CEO of Oasis Vehicle Refreshments, states, "After successfully piloting our vending system within taxi fleets, we have learned a lot and recognize that Oasis will be an excellent fit across vehicle markets including rental car fleets.  We are actively interviewing the right partner to leverage our systems and greatly improve the customer experience of the ride within the rental car industry." 

Oasis Vehicle Refreshments has a mission to bring innovation and technology to improve the quality of the ride for passengers while simultaneously creating a new marketplace for fleet operators and drink/snack brands to serve passengers with beverages and convenience foods. The system has built-in a modular design, cloud management, inventory tracking, digital ads, promotions and product information as well as integrated cellular technologies to assure that the connected mobile storefronts in public transit vehicles can be monitored and maintained efficiently and can deliver analytics on product buying habits.  

As an Internet of Things, IoT company, Oasis Vehicle Refreshments has embedded technology within the vending system that provides an automatic alert if a system has an operational problem and will collect data on consumer buying habits and the popularity of the beverage brand and snack combinations requested at certain times of day or in specific geographic locations. 

"We offer the pipeline to reach the traveler-on-the-go. We streamline beverage and snack sales for travelers with a simple, select-and-buy process and provide the data for food and drink brands to customize their offerings," comments Dao, "Fleet operators benefit from shared revenue; it is a win-win-win for everyone."  

With smart cars and autonomous vehicles on the horizon, Oasis Vehicle Refreshments aims to bring the customized snack and beverage choices to these vehicles to help make the ride experience more personable and relaxing. 


Oasis Vehicle Refreshments, the inventor, manufacturer and distributor of a patented, refrigerated and automated vending system designed for public transit vehicles, is first-to-market in serving cold beverages and snacks to passengers on the road.  

With an advanced refrigeration system compact enough to fit efficiently within Sedans, SUVs and Hatchbacks as well as limousines, car rentals, buses, trains, shuttle services, smart cars and autonomous vehicles, passengers can now order and enjoy their favorite beverage and snack brands within the vehicle. A Digital Interactive Screen (built-in Credit/Debit Card payment processing), Vending Machine and Removable Inventory Cartridges are provided and customized to the needs of the fleet operation. 

For more information visit www.OasisVehicleRefreshments.com or email [email protected]


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