Nextwave launches new dry beverage mix

Nov. 20, 2023
Nextwave Foods, the creators of JetTea Smoothies, introduces new Icewave Refreshers made from real fruit, natural sweetener technology, adaptogens for enhanced cognitive performance and prebiotics.

Nextwave Foods, the creator of JetTea Smoothies and other innovative products for the coffee and foodservice industries, announced the launch of Icewave Refreshers. Packed in 3-pound resealable pouches, Icewave Refreshers are a premium dry beverage mix available in five flavors: Mango Dragon Fruit, Strawberry Acai, Matcha, Pineapple Passion Fruit and Blood Orange Pomegranate.

According to the product announcement, Icewave Refreshers are made from real fruit with advanced freeze-drying technology; gently sweetened with natural non-sugar sweeteners from figs, jackfruit and monk fruit; adaptogens for enhanced cognitive performance; and prebiotics for gut health.

After years of research and development, Icewave Refreshers are rolling out at coffee chains, independent coffee shops, college and university and business and industry espresso bars.  

About Nextwave Foods, LLC

Founded by entrepreneur Fred DiCosola, Nextwave Foods is dedicated to creating and providing groundbreaking new food products that use technology to enhance flavor and nutrition, reduce carbon footprint, increase functionality and assure ease of preparation.