Pop-Tarts introduces two donut-inspired flavors

Dec. 15, 2021

Joining Kellogg Co.'s iconic Pop-Tarts lineup are two varieties inspired by classic American donut flavors. Frosted Boston Creme and Frosted Apple Fritter Pop-Tarts will available at the end of year.

Kellogg said "from the donut line to the toaster, each flavor features a flaky crust, icing and a beloved donut-inspired filling." 

Frosted Boston Creme Pop-Tarts boast a custard-flavored filling and are topped with chocolatey icing. Frosted Apple Fritter Pop-Tarts have an apple-flavored filling and are topped with white string icing to mimic the classic apple fritter style. Both will sold in 8-ct. boxes with an SRP of $2.99

In related news, limited-edition Sugar Cookie and Eggo Frosted Maple Syrup Pop-Tarts are now available through the holiday season.


White Castle Management Co.
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