Federal authorities recall Real Water brand amid illnesses and one death

May 25, 2021

Federal authorities have ordered a full recall of Real Water, a Las Vegas-based bottled water brand. Authorities have also instructed the company to forfeit records in their investigations of at least one death and several cases of liver illness among people who reported drinking Real Water.

In March, the FDA, along with the CDC and the Southern Nevada Health District, announced it was investigating several reports of acute nonviral hepatitis in Nevada associated with Real Water.

On April 26, the SNHD identified six additional probable cases (for a total of 11 probable cases) and one suspect case. Newly identified cases were all adults, and the one suspect case meets the clinical criteria but has not been tested for viral hepatitis.

Real Water’s website is down for maintenance but has a link to a statement from the company’s president, Brent Jones.

The FDA’s order stopped production and distribution of Real Water, which is sold mostly in Nevada, Arizona, Utah and California.