Aramark Introduces Mobile App To Help College Students Make Informed Meal Choices

Aug. 24, 2012

Aramark launched its CampusDish® Mobile App to assist over 1.7 million students in making healthy, informed meal selections.

According to DiningStyles™, Aramark 's proprietary consumer insights research which surveys over 120,000 students each fall and spring semester, 75 percent of students consider themselves healthy. Nearly two thirds of these students review nutrition labels to help select their meals and over 50 percent prefer to go online to locate nutritional information.

To help students find nutrition information quickly and easily, the new CampusDish® app is currently available for free download in the iPhone, iPad, and Android app stores. The app makes it easy for students to search for meals meeting specific nutrition requirements further promoting healthy eating habits. For instance, if a student is looking for a meal with less than 500 calories or less than 10 grams of fat, he or she can input the information through the app and quickly view which menu items are being served and where they are available.

"Aramark is excited to connect our students, customers and clients with information that will help them make healthy lifestyle choices," said Jenifer Bland-Campbell, R.D., senior director of nutrition program development, Aramark in a prepared statement. "By supporting students' efforts to develop and maintain healthy eating habits, the CampusDish® Mobile App further strengthens our commitment to health and wellness while also enhancing the overall campus dining experience."

In addition to posting the nutrition content for the menu items being offered, this new app allows students to submit feedback about the dining program, offer suggestions and ask questions, as well as share the app with friends through a simple click.

Aramark is committed to providing its campus partners with the tools needed to support healthy choices as well as meeting the dietary and lifestyle needs and preferences of its customers. Menus feature lower calorie choices; vegan, vegetarian and whole grain options; seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables; and a variety of whole foods that are raised, grown, harvested, and produced locally and in a sustainable manner. Aramark also provides support to those with specific dietary needs, including food allergies and sensitivities.