Report Examines Outlook For U.S. Foodservice

Dec. 21, 2011
Recently published research from ICD-Research, "The US: The Future of Foodservice to 2015", is now available at Fast Market Research.

Recently published research from ICD-Research, "The US: The Future of Foodservice to 2015", is now available at Fast Market Research. The report includes:

  • Actual sales, food transaction and outlet data is provided for all years from 2005 to 2010 with full data forecasts for all years from 2011 to 2015.
  • All market sizing and analysis is conducted in local currency in order to ensure local trends are reflected.
  • This report covers 7 profit channels: Accommodation, Leisure, Restaurants, Pubs Clubs & Bars, Retail, Travel and Workplace and 4 cost channels: Education, Healthcare, Military & Civil Defense and Welfare - these are all further subdivided into their constituent sub-channels.
  • Complete data by sub-channel for number or outlets, food transactions and sales in operator selling prices.
  • Competitor profiles with SWOT analysis, description of business activities and strategies for the leading operators in the market.
  • Comprehensive data and indicators on the business environment and country risk.

    In 2010, the U.S. foodservice market valued $543.4 billion. Prior to this, a contraction in U.S. economy and subsequent reduction in demand led to a 2.1 percent decline in the U.S. foodservice industry in 2009. Following this, the decline in the foodservice market was more subdued as the country's GDP growth stabilized in 2010. In contrast to the review period, the US foodservice market is anticipated to demonstrate growth during the forecast period as a result of the increase in disposable income and the increase in employment in the country between 2011 and 2015.
    This report is based on a dedicated international industry research program of consumer and trade primary research and extensive desk research which brings together ICD's research, modeling and analysis expertise in order to develop uniquely detailed market data. It provides comprehensive analysis of consumer, menu, format and macro-economic trends - crucially providing foodservice sales, outlet and transaction data across both profit and cost sectors, with full granular channel segmentation. This allows marketers interested in the sector to understand the dynamics by channels and where the future growth opportunities in the industry lie

    This report provides readers with unparalleled levels of detail and insight into the development of foodservice sector within the U.S. with full historic (2005 to 2010) and forecast (2011 to 2015) years of data.
    It will allow readers to understand competitive dynamics using Porters Five Forces analysis across each major channel grouping.
    Readers will discover key trends and new market opportunities by outlets, food transactions, average prices and sales across 45+ foodservice channels.
    The report will improve market and strategic planning using robust and highly granular future forecasts and historic market data.
    Readers will understand the key drivers affecting the industry, today and in the future, from a product, consumer, format and regulatory perspective plus, impact on respective channels and sub-channels.

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