Hershey to ship Twizzlers mystery flavor

April 1, 2021

Everyone loves a little mystery, so Hershey Co.'s Twizzlers brand is bringing some fun and flavor by launching the first-ever Twizzlers Twists Mystery Flavor.

The Twizzlers brand was inspired to ignite a flavorful mystery with this latest innovation, offering a taste so mysterious consumers may have to go through more than a few Twists before they guess right, according to a press release.

"For centuries, humans have been intrigued by unsolved mysteries -- Big Foot, Loch Ness, El Chupacabra," said Ryan Hagemeyer, the senior associate brand manager for Twizzlers. "In 2021, Twizzlers is getting in on the mystery game with its first-ever Twizzlers Twists Mystery Flavor."

Hershey will be revealing the mystery flavor this summer.

The limited-edition flavor will be available nationwide beginning this spring for $2.39.


[Photo: Hershey Co.]
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