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May 22, 2018
Superseedz – Gourmet no-shell pumpkin seeds that are available in 1oz, 4oz and 5oz bags.

The Product

Superseedz – Gourmet no-shell pumpkin seeds that are available in 1oz, 4oz and 5oz bags.

Most popular flavors: Sea Salt, Somewhat Spicy, Maple Sugar & Sea Salt. Website –

The Back Story

Kathie Palliccio started cooking up seasoned, no-shell pumpkin seeds back in 2003, looking for something interesting to put in her salads. “Before she knew it,” said Joe Lupica, Superseedz Director of Marketing, “she would make jars of these seeds and they would disappear.”

Kathie’s Kitchen was born, and she started selling the seeds on her own to independent markets for several years. About four years ago, Kathie re-branded and took the product national in grocery stores and specialty markets.

Lupica said Superseedz was well received by operators at the 2018 NAMA Show, their first appearance. “We see a great future for Superseedz in vending, office pantry and micro markets,” said Lupica, who added that the 24 to 39-year-old audience, especially females, is the prime demographic for Superseedz.

Lupica added that Superseedz is growing fast in other channels, like grocery and premium aviation, including 400 NetJet Private Planes.

Why it Makes Sense for Operators

  1. Lupica points to three reasons why Superseedz would be a nice addition for operators.
  2. While pumpkin seeds are a familiar product (usually around Halloween) Superseedz offers a fresh and different approach.
  3. Consumers are trending toward healthy protein and plant-based products. Unlike nuts, Superseedz are allergen free, a key factor for many consumers.
  4. Superseedz is a premium item with impressive packaging, perfect for vending, pantry service and micro market locations.
  5. Lupica said that Superseedz is willing to support committed operators with sample programs and marketing materials. Superseedz is available at major distributors, including Vistar and UNFI.

Bob’s Perspective

As an operator, it is always a challenge to keep the product selection fresh and exciting. Superseedz is the kind of innovative product that will appeal to the office environment. In a world that craves low carb, vegan friendly, high protein and allergen free snacks, Superseedz is a menu item with plenty of upside for operators.

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