Podcast: A down-to-earth conversation with Dan Welch of World Cup Coffee

Dec. 5, 2023
In this episode of Vending & OCS Nation, listen to Dan’s journey – from joining his dad’s business, to becoming a respected coffee roaster, collaborating with up-and-coming roasters, and how to treat clients and employees – as well as his advice for coffee service operators.

One of the things Bob Tullio loves about hosting Automatic Merchandiser's Vending & OCS Nation podcast is having the opportunity to learn about the journey of both suppliers and operators. This conversation with Dan Welch of World Cup Coffee turned out to be another most enjoyable interview.

When Dan Welch’s dad, Don Welch, purchased their company in Portland, Oregon, back in 1985, it was known as Diversified Refreshment Systems. Soon after, the name was changed to World Cup Coffee. Don passed away in 2014, but the emphasis on family continues to be a cornerstone of the business.

There are so many charming aspects to this interview, from Dan’s reasons for joining the business, to their move into becoming a respected roaster, to the company’s view of how to treat clients and employees, to Dan’s clear understanding of what the secret sauce is at World Cup Coffee. This episode offers an honest interview with a nice guy, who not only collaborates with up-and-coming roasters to help them get on their feet but also offers a few lessons for any operator or small-business person.


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